Yoga is a great practice to do before bedtime that helps in calm the mind and relax the body. We’ll go over the best poses and move of yoga for sleep better. But let me share you something, whenever we talk about sleep Kumbhakarna comes to mind. He would be sleeping for six months and six months he would awake. Same thing is happening with us nowadays.

When we sleep we sleep like a bag, no awareness around us. And when we work we are working, we are working whole night and whole day. The day is for working and the night is for sleeping. This is the natural law and when we go against the law it is always dangerous for us.

Early to bed early to rise. This is the schedule of a winner or of a healthy person. How can you adopt this? Following are some yoga poses which will give a better and mindful sleep in less time. Sleep should not be long, it should be healthy, wealthy and wise.

1. Simple Breathing Tack Nick,

Sit on your bed in a comfortable cross-legged position. Keep your spinal cord erect. As you inhale, open your arms, chest and inhale a lot of oxygen. Keep your chin slightly up. And as you exhale hug yourself. One more time inhale, exhale and bring your chin down and hug yourself. Do it 5-10 times at least.

2. Seated Forward Bend,

Sit, keep your legs straight and relaxed. We will use a pillow as well and keep that pillow on our knees and inhale. Now, exhale, fold forward and when you reach closer to the pillow, put your right cheek on the pillow and just relax. Inhale and now put your left cheek on the pillow and exhale. Come to the centre and slowly roll while inhaling. You can do it as many times as you wish. But 5-10 times is a standard frequency to do it.

3. Sleeping Pigeon Pose,

Keep your right leg in an angular position and take your left leg back. Try to straighten your left leg, and if you can’t straighten it, you can also keep it a little bit folded. Now keep your pillow before you and put your palms on that. Now inhale and as you exhale go down and keep your forehead on the pillow. Keep on breathing. Place your hips in a way so that you can relax the stiffness in your muscles. Keep it square and relax. Come up slowly as you inhale and change the side. Make your left leg angular and take your right leg back. Inhale go down and exhale then inhale go up and then exhale and bright your right leg forward and sit in a comfortable position.

4. Reclining Hand To Big Toe Pose,

Lay down on your beg against your back. Inhale and lift your right leg up and hole it from your calf or ankle or wherever you feel comfortable. bring your leg closer to your chest as much as possible. Now exhale and lift your head up. Slowly keep your upper body on the bed and bend your right knee. And then let go of your right leg. Inhale and do the same thing with your left leg. You can do it 5-10 times.

5. Reclined Spinal Twist,

Slowly bend your knees, keep your feet slightly apart and your knees together. You can keep your arms comfortably open. Inhale and while you exhale, drop both the knees towards your right without maintaining any gap or changing the position of your legs. Keep looking at the ceiling or to your left side. Now inhale, bring your both knees back and now drop them to the left side and look to your right side. You can repeat it 5-10 times.

6. Relieving Pose,

And now bring both your knees closer to your chest. Hug yourself. Don’t lift your head, just be relaxed. You do not need to do anything in this pose. Just fold your knees, bring them closer to your chest. Hug yourself and feel relaxed. Do it 5-10 times.

7. Reclined Bound Angle Pose,

Keep your feet in Namaste position and knees toward your side wall while lying on your bed. And slowly let go of your legs on the bed. Here you can use the pillows under your knees if you need to. Just feel relaxed. You can place your hands in whichever position you like. Now inhale and exhale completely for 5-10 breaths.

8. Corpse Pose,

Now relax yourself completely and stay in Svanasana. If you want to fit your lower back you can certainly do it. And now just lie down and sleep well here. If you do not want to sleep in corpse pose, it’s completely alright. We will discuss some more positions further.

9. Simple Kriya,

Sit in a cross-legged position, keep your back straight. Now put your palms on your knees and inhale deeply and exhale deeply fast. As explained by name it is a simple process or simple kriya. You can do it 10-20 times or you can increase the numbers with time.

10. Mandukasana,

This asana removes all the toxins from our body and makes us feel fresh. Fold both   your knees and sit on them. Back straight. Open your palms and fold your thumb horizontally and make a punch. Hold your hands on your stomach. Bend forward and touch your forehead to the floor. Stay in this position for at least 10-15 seconds. You can do it 5-10 times in a day before going to sleep.

If you are a person suffering from insomnia, you must do all the 10 poses recommended above. These poses will help to get quality sleep. Sleeping for many hours is not the way to make you feel fresh. Sleep less but take quality sleep.

Wrapped Up:

These yoga poses will help you to get quality sleep in less time. This way you can save your time too. And invest your time somewhere else. A quality sleep will not only increase proficiency in your work life but also increase your life.

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